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About Axel

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Hi. I'm Axel Kuo, and I have been shooting photography and cinematography since 2014. I am an artist of all different styles and genres including fashion, cosplay, portrait, and artistic nude. I believe the human form is beautiful, captivating and, as best described by one of my colleagues, "the crowning glory of creation".

Much of my inspiration comes from mythology, both real world and fictional, and the truths they reveal about humanity through story telling.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my work!

Axel Kuo




Charisma, March 2024

Range, June 2022

Marika Media, June 2022

Vigour, June 2022

Opium Red, June 2022

Untold, June 2022

Moda Republic, May 2022

Redline, April 2022

Boudoir Inspiration, April 2022

Range, April 2022

Beautica, April 2022

Swanky, April 2022

Socks and Pizza Mag, April 2022

Xany, March 2022

Vigour, July 2021

Art of Portrait, June 2020

érotiq, April 2020

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